Objective Campaign

Brands like Volvo have the most beautiful storytelling spots. Too often these spots are cut out of the media plan because of the long format, budget and/or media choice.

For their car model XC60 Volvo managed to re-use their existing long format spot of 180”, for brandbuilding purposes in the right period and towards a selective audience.

The cinema campaign was launched in August, one month ahead of the most important selling period for the automobile sector.

Media Characteristics

Choosing Art Pack means that you can buy a targeted reach at an affordable price. The audience of arthouse movies are a mature and affluent audience, matching the potential buyer of car model XC60.

The Volvo spot was to be seen only before a selection of arthouse movies at that moment. Moreover with “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, the latest success movie of Quentin Tarantino, within the arthouse movie selection, Volvo cracked the best deal.

Resulting in a targeted reach of 188.500 unique moviegoers wheareas 173.900 went to watch Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Reason Best Practice

Proven research confirms that long format spots are perceived as more impactful and there is no better screen than the big screen to tell a story.

Without spending extra in production, Volvo brought their XC60 back in the picture, telling an emotional brand story to the right target at the right timing in cinema.

Together with an efficient planning and movie selection this cinema campaign transcended the media objectives for Volvo.

Dit is een perfect voorbeeld van storytelling op zijn best. De keuze van de juiste contexten door een weloverwogen selectie van films draagt nog bij tot de verhoogde impact. (Yves De Voeght)

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