Objective Campaign

To celebrate the 25th year anniversary of the American sitcom “Friends”, Belgian’s main cinemas organised a 12 episode marathon “Friends 25th: The One With The Anniversary” on the big screen.

As a top topical The Coca Cola Company decided to screen six of their old commercials between 1993-2004 during the commercial breaks of this marathon.

Media Characteristics

Screening the old commercials of The Coca Cola Company in this context enhanced a nostalgic feeling for a trip down memory lane. This specific approach turned out to be an appropriate way in connecting the brand with moviegoers who have chosen to watch the Friends marathon.

Some of the characters were drinking Coca-Cola regularly in this serie.

Coca-Cola has been advertising in cinema since more 30 years. As a consequence we had commercials of the last 25 years.

Why not create a strong partnership with this marathon because Friends & Coca-Cola have a story in common.

Each break ended with the tagline: “Coca Cola, yesterday as well as today, we have so much to share.”

Reason Best Practice

The Coca Cola Company claimed the Friends- marathon exclusively within the beverage sector.

Audience research showed that visitors considered the ads as part of the cinema experience.

This way The Coca Cola Company could bring across the brand values to their audience and customers of today in an unique setting.

Als de reclame bijdraagt tot een perfecte cinema-avond en de fans helemaal in de sfeer brengt… dan ontstaat er een krachtige band tussen het merk en de kijkers, die voor altijd in het geheugen staat gegrift. (Jonathan Rijavec)

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