Carrefour – Disney Stickers

Objective Campaign

Mid April Carrefour launched their Disney sticker album for collecting stickers. This campaign was aimed at increasing the customer’s loyalty and drive traffic to stores within the segment of families with children.

Carrefour decided to partner with Disneyland Paris and cinema sales house Brightfish. The link with the upcoming cinematic release of “The Lion King” in July was a perfect match.

Media Characteristics

In store: Per full sticker album the client received for each purchased entry ticket, an extra entry voucher for Disneyland Paris or alternatively: cinema vouchers at a reduced price. The consumer could purchase up to 4 cinema vouchers at 7 euro per piece, valid in the main Belgian cinemas.

An on-screen cinema campaign targeted af families re- enforced the communication of Carrefour and raised more awareness on the Disney sticker albums.

Reason Best Practice

This case proved to be very efficient for all parties involved. Carrefour reached their objective to reach more affluent families during this period. The number of cinema vouchers that have been sold was above expectations. Moreover this partnership introduced a new successful format by reaching customers at a point of sales and engaged them to visit Disneyland Paris and/or cinema theatre in their neighbourhood.

On a side note: “The Lion King” attracted more than 1,5 million Belgian cinema visits that Summer.

Remarquable action 360° avec des résultats probants: Brightfish a prouvé que le cinéma peut être un excellant média d’activation. (Patrick Van Dyck)

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